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flat rubber o ring
  • flat rubber o ring





Name flat rubber o ring
Size All kinds can be offered.
Material Silicone
Color Brown (other colors can be offered)
Physical and mechanical function 1.Hardness: ShaoEr type A 75 degrees
2.Tensile strength: 18.42 MPa
3.Tensile elongation: 460%
4.100% set stretch stress: 3.04 MPa
Performance Can withstand oil, acid and alkali, abrasion, chemical corrosion.
Packing By cartons,
or according to customer's request.
Certification ISO9001:2000





(1)For a variety of seal in the form
Static seals, dynamic seals
Materials for various purposes, sizes, and grooves have been standardized, interchangeable
(2) For a variety of movement pattern
Rotation, axial reciprocating movement or combination of movement (for example, combination of rotating back and forth movement)
(3)For a variety of sealing medium
Oil, water, gas, chemical, or other media, mixed media
By choosing the appropriate formula of rubber materials and appropriate design, implementation of the oil, water, air, gas and chemical media, the role of an effective seal. Wide temperature range (- 60 °C ~ + 220 °C), a fixed pressure up when used 1500Kg/cm2 (with the reinforcement ring and use.) (Hydraulic oil, gas, water, mud, oil, emulsion, water - ethylene glycol, acid) 
(4) Design is simple, compact, easy assembly and disassembly.
O-ring cross section structure is extremely simple, and a self-seal, seal and reliable performance. O-ring as part of the structure itself and the installation is extremely simple, and has become standardized, so installation is very easy to replace.
(5) Material variety
Can be selected according to different fluid: a nitrile rubber (NBR), fluoro rubber (FKM), silicone rubber (VMQ), ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), chloroprene rubber (CR), butyl rubber (BU), poly tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), natural rubber (NR), etc.
(6)Good self-lubricating properties
Can be used for oil-free seal.
(7) Dynamic friction is relatively small
Friction is small, dynamic and static friction are equal, is "0" shaped rubber ring friction 1/2-1/4, to eliminate low speed, low pressure movement of the "crawling" phenomenon.
(8) Sealing performance, high service life
Dynamic pressure seal of working life than conventional rubber sealing products 5-10 times higher, up to several times, under certain conditions, sealed the substrate with the same life. 
(9) High wear 



4.Materail performance



Elastomer  Nitriler
Polyacrylates ACM Silicone VMQ Fluoro Rubber FKM/FPM (VITON)
Temperature Range -40°C to
-30°C to 150°C -50°C to
-30°C to 250°C
Abrasion Resistance B C D B
Compression Set B C B B
Cracking Resistance C C A B
Cut Growth Resistance B B D D
Flex Cracking Resistance C C B B
Impact Strength B D C C
Low Temperature Resistance B D A B
Oxidation Resistance B A A A
Sunlight Resistance C A A A
Tear Resistance B D D C
Weathering Resistance B A A A
Notes:1.  A=Excellent, B=Good, C=Fair, D=Poor
       2.  We are not limited to the four common elastomers mentioned above but can work with almost any elastomer you might require such as EPDM, PU, PTFE, NR, conductive rubbers etc.We have a state of the art laboratory and test elastomers in many to include temperature, abrasion, high rpm, durometer etc. 

5.About  us

    We could customize as per customer's samples and

requests.We value every customer andevery order be it one piece or thousands.

   To get more details and any questions,please feel free to cantact us.We are always ready to service for you!



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