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silicone washer seal manufacturers
  • silicone washer seal manufacturers


silicone washer
1)FDA silicone
2)Insulation and Heat resistant
3)Various colors and sizes
4)custom made washers

Size Material Duro Color
as per your requirement Silicone 20~80 Shore A black, white, red, any color

Silicone property for reference

Advantage: high temperature resistance (maximum 300°C) and low temperature resistance (minimum 100°C), the best rubber bears high and low temperature; Good electrical insulation, high stability to thermal oxidation and ozone, good chemical inertness.

Disadvantage: low mechanical strength, poor resistance to oil, solvent, acid and alkali.

Operating Temperature: -60°C~+200°C

Application: mainly used for high and low temperature resistant products(hose, seals), high temperature resistant electric wire and cable insulating layer, also used in food and medical industry because of no poison and smell.


Flat Rubber Washers are one of our main products, we can supply different sizes of rubber washers, also different materials of rubber wahsers, viton washers, silicone washers, EPDM washers, NBR washers, PU flat washers, NR washers, etc.


We are specialized in the manufacturing kinds of rubber products for more than 20 years, wide varieties, rich materials, and custom rubber products are our advantage, we can design and produce according to your drawing(2D/3D) or samples. If you are interested or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks.

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