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introduction of Materials use

Name Code Features Operating Temperature ℃ main purpose
NBR NBR oil resistance is good, energy and most of the mineral base oil and grease compatibility. But not for phosphate ester series hydraulic oils and gear oils containing polar additives, intolerance of aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, amines, anti-natural liquid HFD. -40 To +120 manufacture O-ring, oil seal and so on. For general hydraulic oil, water glycol HFC and oil in water emulsions HFA, HFB, animal oil, vegetable oil, fuel oil, boiling water, water resistance, A, B, C, butane.
RP rubber composite material elastic modulus, high strength. Performance with the rest of NBR. -30 To +120 for the manufacture of O-ring, Y-ring, dust ring. Used in engineering machinery hydraulic system seals.
Viton FKM or FPM heat, acid and other chemicals. Oil (including phosphate ester series hydraulic oil), applies to all oil, gasoline, hydraulic oil, synthetic oil and so on. Resistant natural liquid HFD, fuel, chain hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons and most inorganic acid mixture. But intolerance ketones, amines, anhydrous ammonia, low molecular weight organic acids, formic acid and acetic acid cases. -20 To +200 is characterized by high temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone and chemical media, almost all of the resistant mineral based and synthetic-based hydraulic oil. But the case of steam, hot water or low temperature applications, have some limitations. Its low temperature performance is limited, and the compatibility of steam and hot water medium, in case such an occasion, to use special fluorine rubber. Flame sealing hydraulic oil, metallurgy, electric power and other industries widely used.
PMQ or MVQ silicone rubber heat, cold is good, compression is small, but the mechanical strength is low, only for static sealing. -60 To +230 for high, low temperature food machinery, electronic products on the seal.
ACM heat better than polypropylene ester rubber NBR, containing polar additive in a variety of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil in the oil system work, water-poor. -20 To +150 for a variety of automotive oil seals and a variety of gear box, gearbox, can withstand high temperature.
EPDM or ethylene-propylene rubber EPM and good weather, the air aging resistance, weak acid, and a variety resistant to Freon refrigerants, does not apply to mineral oil. -55 To +260 widely used in refrigerators and refrigeration mechanical seal. Resistance to steam to 200 ℃, high temperature gas to 150 ℃.
Teflon PTFE chemical stability, heat, cold is good, oil, water, gas, chemicals and other media. High mechanical strength, high pressure, wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating. PTFE has the phenomenon of creep and cold flow in a certain time under sustained load the deformation of growth continue to increase (this phenomenon has a great relationship with temperature). Generally can not be used as hydraulic pure PTFE sealing material, only to use of PTFE-filled, often there are bronze powder filled and glass-filled, these fillers reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity to improve the ability to increase the wear resistance, improved resistance to cold flow (creep) performance. PTFE is not flexible, so it is always used in conjunction with the elastomer by them with the required preload to complete a perfect seal. -55 To +260 for the manufacture of seal rings, wear rings, guide ring (band), ring, etc., commonly used for the mechanical seal material. Widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, engineering machinery, light machinery, almost all industries.
Nylon PA oil, temperature, wear resistance, high compressive strength, good impact resistance, dimensional stability, but poor. -40 To +120 for the manufacture of oriented rings, guide sleeve, the bearing ring, pressure ring, ring, etc.
POM POM oil, temperature, wear resistance, high compressive strength, impact resistance, better, have better self-lubricating properties, good dimensional stability, but poor flexure. -40 To +140 for the manufacture of oriented rings, guide sleeve, the bearing ring, pressure ring, ring, etc.
Chloroprene rubber CR good performance of anti-aging and salt water. -30 To +160 often used in refrigeration industry (such as fluorine 12), outdoor applications and adhesive industries.
Fluorosilicone rubber MFQ or FVMQ good high temperature and low temperature performance. -100 To +350 commonly used in the required oil and fire resistant applications, such as aerospace.
Polyurethane PU or AU has very good mechanical properties, deformation is small, high tensile strength, shear strength, crush strength and abrasion resistance are very high. In particular, I used the company imported polyurethane, sealing effect is far more than domestic products, performance and other aspects is almost no difference with imported parts. Resistant to mineral oil and grease, +50 ℃ below the liquid flame-resistant HFA and HFB. Intolerance +50 ℃ above the water, acid, alkali. Hydrolysis polyurethane exception. -30 To +110 commonly used in the manufacture of reciprocating seals in the hydraulic system, such as Y-shaped ring, U-shaped ring, and so on. Widely used in construction machinery, such as loaders, forklifts, bulldozers, excavators, hydraulic cylinder seals.



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