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www.nbroringkit.com  offers the 8 most popular O-ring kits in use today. Our kits are comprised of a variety of materials from standard compounds such as multipurpose Nitrile (Buna-N) rubber, to the more exotic materials such as Viton® (generically called fluoroelastomer) and Teflon® (also called PTFE).

 www.nbroringkit.com O-ring kits have sturdy plastic containers produced in either translucent polypropylene, or styrene plastic that is opaque or transparent. Each container includes helpful cards or labels indicating the sizes and quantities of the o-ring seals in each compartment. Should your purchase be for resale, you may note that our O-ring kits are conveniently shipped in plain boxes, with generic labeling for easy relabeling and reshipment.

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