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Sealing a new structure to extend bearing life

Japan NSK has developed super easy to seal clean roll neck bearings. This bearings under severe lubrication conditions, the load capacity increased by 34%, and high reliability, long life, easy to maintain. This performance improvement is to optimize the mechanical design, the use of new materials and patented sealing technology results. Compared with the traditional roll neck bearings, roll neck bearing this seal is not only the basic dynamic load rating increased 34%, and life expectancy of 2.7 times. The second factor is the performance of ultra-capacity sealed clean roll neck bearings NSK has developed SUPER-TF bearing steel. This material to solve the problem of contamination or lack of lubrication conditions bearing life.
Liquidity bearing use in harsh environments, bearing seals and sealing cover is essential because they prevent dirt intrusion, extending bearing life. Roll mill usually by four sealed tapered roller bearings. Use required to withstand a strong impact load, the water and debris intrusion.
Experience has shown that, in contaminated operating conditions, bearings vulnerable to debris intrusion and pollution. The NSK company's research shows that pollution or marginal lubrication conditions bearing life can be improved by improving the microstructure of bearing steel. The new seal structure of the main seal and the hole sealed. The negative pressure generated in the bearing can cause water from the main seal compromise the hole sealing structure of the negative pressure has a great influence.
In addition, SKF Italy sealed the company recently developed a new generation of oil and grease seals MUDBLOCK. The optimization design of the sealing structure can effectively prevent the intrusion of dirt. The conventional sealing structure of a radial sealing lip, between the outer diameter and the seat ring with a garter spring and the fixed ring. The new structure for a push baffle between the liner and the seal seals the outer surface and the bushing inner diameter of the rubber, and an inner lip with a waterproof grease prelubrication. MUDBLOCK available elastic material in accordance with the operating conditions and application requirements. These materials include: nitrile, polyacrylate, fluorinated synthetic rubber or the like.
Therefore, reducing the negative pressure in the bearing is a basic requirement to prevent water from entering. The most effective method is to make the hole sealing is not directly in contact with water, while retaining the original functions of the hole seal - prevent the intrusion of water and dirt from the side of the roll neck. The method of sealing surface contact instead of line contact hole sealing surface contact, whether it is running or stationary process, have the tightness and good. Therefore, the new ultra-capacity sealed cleaning roller neck bearings have higher reliability than the conventional seal roll neck bearings.


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