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The automotive sealing (rubber) production technology again sparked heated debate

Fourth China car with a seal (rubber) parts production technology forum held May 13 to 15 at the Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Hotel. The theme of the forum is divided into oil seal technology and sealing technology the two major themes, the number of participants reached more than 200 people, many manufacturers of automotive industry chain from the well-known vehicle manufacturers, parts manufacturers, raw material providers.
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The speakers of the Forum from the various units of the automobile industry chain, such as FAW Technology Center, Solvay (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the good Dole solid (Wuxi) Automotive Special Rubber Parts Co., Ltd., Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center FAW - Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., Shen Ya sealing parts Co., Ltd., Henkel Corporation, the Siwei Si fluff (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Changan automobile Co., Ltd.. Presents a technical gluttonous feast guests wonderful speech for delegates. The deputies seize valuable opportunities for on-site and actively learn from colleagues ask questions to the experts, and the atmosphere is very warm.
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The deputies enjoy tea break, buffet have not been idle, gathered together to share their thoughts and communicate with each other. 's Booth in the lobby also full of people, mutual consulting industry information widely in Meeting industry friends and communicate ideas in an enjoyable atmosphere. Some companies also the scene initially identified on cooperation, receiving huge salaries.
collision thinking brainstorming
The brainstorming session is a collision of thinking, the best chance of sparks, participants are actively ask questions on a variety of issues, guests have to be answered enthusiastically. The delegates expressed their learning and networking opportunities is just what you would expect, some representatives also admitted enlightening guests answer them, lifting the heart of the confusion, understand industry trends dynamic can be described as a worthwhile trip.


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