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The new ultra-high load capacity bearing seals

Bearing seals bearing the normal operation of the key components in harsh environments, it protects bearings from erosion and pollution, bearing in good condition, clean and lubricate extend its life. Generally, the sealing member of the bearing is greater than the dust cover role, and by the flexible rotation and low speed rotation restriction. In the choice of the proper seal, the designer must consider the performance of the lubricant and the working conditions of the conveyor system and the desired. To be in use for roller bearings to withstand high loads, strong impact, as well as water and rust debris intrusion, NSK has developed a new ultra high load capacity, sealed type, clean lubrication roll bearings. Said the bearings to increase the loading capacity of 34%, with higher reliability, and can work in a long time under harsh lubrication conditions. o-ring its improved performance sealed bearing incorporates optimized mechanical design principles, new materials and patented technology seals, and easy operation of the installation. Experience has shown that, easy to enter the working conditions of the pollution, bearing clastic these debris particles can damage the raceway, causing stress concentration. Furthermore, if the lubrication is uneven, so that the rigid contact of the metal surface, causing minor "peeling" damage to the o-ring, also lead to stress concentration of the contact region, both results led to the metal surface of the stress concentration portion sprinkle crack, and ultimately shorten the bearing life. NSK's research shows that the bearing impurity contamination conditions or working life, to improve its ability to release the concentrated stress on the edge of the edge lubrication conditions can be improved by changing the organization of the bearing steel. However, the best practical protection measures: and when impurities appeared to stop it. NSK's new seal patent both the above two advantages. This new hole seal only solve inhibiting formation of negative pressure within the bearing to prevent the water, so that the main sealing member does not directly exposed to the water, free from "breathing" in the water, but also play the impurity barrier in the recess at function. The common seal of the rotary and the stationary state in a linear contact, and maintain the strength of the tight sealing performance, while the work of such a sealing member, a surface contact instead of linear contact, in order to adapt the sealing requirements of the bearing rotation: tight seal , not to produce a large negative pressure. In order to confirm its effectiveness, NSK further simulation test. In the trial, the bearing operating speed range from 100r/min to 700r/min, and constantly applied 294kN radial load, about 100L/min water spray. Usually grooved seal During this period, the negative pressure increases, the novel hole seal inhibition of the negative pressure.


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